Treatment of burns: how to accelerate the healing process

Certainly, each of us had to deal with household burns. It is simple to get scalded with boiling water or burn with hot metal in the kitchen. And if the light burns disappear quickly and without a trace, then burns of II-III degrees are much more complicated. Here are some ways to accelerate the healing of skin burns.

Treatment of burns is a quite complicated and time-consuming process. In case of severe skin burns regeneration process is slow, and scars are often left at the place of injury. In order to accelerate the healing process and reduce the chance of scarring after burns, you should immediately start the comprehensive treatment. We're not going to talk about first aid for burns, but will rather focus on those activities that will help you restore the skin after burns quickly and effectively.


When the sun burns you should refrain from walking in the sun first until the full restoration of the skin. If you were sunburnt, try to wear loose clothing made of natural fabrics, as well as apply creams speeding up the process of skin regeneration. Among these means there are the following:

  • BurnsCreams with panthenol;
  • Tonics and lotions containing aloe vera;
  • Analgesics in case of the expressed painful syndrome;
  • Tonics containing vitamin C, which promotes skin regeneration.

Accelerating the regeneration of the skin after chemical burns

Remember that a chemical burn is an injury, which should not be treated independently. Be sure to consult a doctor. To speed up the healing of the patient drugs that enhance the immune system, local drugs that enhance the regenerative processes, as well as anti-bacterial agents can be administered (the latter ones for prevention of the development of infectious processes).

How to help yourself in thermal burns

Often treatment of thermal burns is almost the same as in the case of sunburn. Depending on the degree of burn, treatment in this case can take years. It is necessary to enrich your diet with vitamins A, B, C and E in order to accelerate the process of treatment. It is also important to regularly apply the topical preparations against scars that are able to reduce (or even eliminate) post-burn scars.

Skin burns can be complicated by a local infection. During this period it is important to treat the surface of injury with antiseptics, as well as to strengthen the immune system.